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Available Offerings

Keyless Entry Security System

The system provides a secure, well-managed environment that appeals to our members and their clients to enjoy the benefits of a safe, efficiently managed space.

All-Inclusive Utilities

All utilities (except the member's individual phone) and overhead expenses are included in the lease. Complimentary Wi-Fi is also available throughout the entire space.

Onsite Receptionist

A receptionist is available full-time to greet customers upon their arrival, answer clients' questions about services via phone, email or in person and process transactions (if applicable). They facilitate the connection between the client, member and overall salon suites, ensuring streamlined efficiency.

Laundry Services

Members have the option to sign up and pay weekly for our wash and fold laundry service. A branded laundry bag is provided at enrollment.

Furnished Break Room

This well-appointed room is furnished with a microwave, sink area and seating for all members.

Flexible Leasing

Leases are currently offered with month-to-month and yearly options (discounted rates may apply for longer terms). We also have an on-call contractor for detailed suite customization.

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